Genealogy and History of the Extended Ragle Family
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This Web Site contains information on individuals in several Ragle family lines. A draft of a text history is given below in several sequential sections. In addition, selections of family pictures (in GIF or JPEG format) are available for browsing. These pics are taken from a large collection of Ragle pictures in TIFF format available from me.

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Ragle Family Genealogy

starting from the family of John Ragle and Elisabeth [Albert] Ragle
of southwest Virginia
but concerned particularly with the line arising from their son Jacob Ragle.

Pictures & Text

Old Chapel, University of Massachusetts
Amherst, Massachusetts

John Linn Ragle
Hadley, Massachusetts
November 22, 2015

1. The Ragle Family: Text narrative with pictures, in draft. This section starts in a general way with some early history and deductions about the Ragle surname in the period just following the Revolutionary War, and gradually specializes to the family of Jacob and Susanna [Ritchey] Ragle as this branch of the family migrates into southern Indiana from southwest Virginia and eastern Tennessee.

Table of Contents [sections always under construction]:

2. A Picture Gallery of Descendents of Jacob Ragle & Susanna Ritchey. This picture collection covers principally the line of Peter Ragle [b. 1806] and his wife Margaret Wadsworth, but also contains material on Peter's siblings, Jacob [b. 1803?], Elizabeth [b. 1804, m. Fredrick Halfacre], John [b. 1808, m. Eliza Webster], Margaret [b. 1811, m. George Sutherlin?], and Susannah [b. 1812, m. Hiram Alfred Shepard], all born in Sullivan Co. TN. This is the writer's patriarchal line. Included are a few pictures and captions from the Hulbert family. This is the writer's matriarchal line.

3. Descendents of John Ragle, b. 1808. Material from the family line of Peter's brother, still in early stages of construction, and accordingly not as well organized yet as Item 2.

4. Martin Haga and Parthena Parker Ragle. Texas and California Cousins from this vigorous line. Selected pictures from other lines. The hypertext tree contains many entries from descendents of the siblings of Jacob and Martin Ragle.

5. Some Interesting Places with Ragle Connections. Assorted Photographs.

6. The very large Family Tree file (over 50 pages single spaced) formerly available here has been deleted because several individuals felt that their privacy had been compromised. If you are a family member and want a copy of this file in magnetic form, contact me at the email address below.

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The book by Riegel and Reigle: "Riegell to Riggle -- A Genealogy -- 1390 - 1995," Carl R. Riegel and James E. Reigle, Penobscot Press, 1996 suggests antecedents of the lines listed here from the Riegel family.

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