Parthenia Jones Ragle and Martin Hagia Ragle.

George Washington Ragle (1838-1929) as a young man.

George Washington Ragle, (1838-1929) father of William Reuben Ragle and son of Martin Hagia Ragle Jr.

William Henry Ragle (left) (1836-1909) and George Washington Ragle (1838-1929).

William F. Ragle and family. The identity of this family is not known.

William Henry Ragle working on the MKT. The identity of this William Henry Ragle is not known.

Family of William Reuben Ragle. William Reuben was a son of George Washington Ragle.

James and Evelyn Ragle, James Houston Ragle, son of William Reuben Ragle, father of William Floyd Ragle.

David Martin Ragle, son of George Washington Ragle, grandson of Martin Hagie Ragle.

Samuel Martin (?) Ragle.

Otwell, IN Ragles.

William Jackson Ragle and Ella Ragle (grandparents of Charles M. Ragle).

William Jackson Ragle family group, 1918.

Lula Ragle, daughter of another George Washington Ragle, son of
Samuel Ragle.