Martin Hagia Ragle, Jr., b. September 1, 1804 in Glade Spring, Washington County, Virginia; d. October 8, 1871 in Limestone Co. Alabama.

Parthenia Parker, b. May 2, 1806 in Wairre, Wayne Co. North Carolina; d. February 17, 1871 in Limestone Co. Alabama.

These individuals are the progenitors of an extensive branch of the Ragle family with many living members. In his Journal, William Henry Ragle, the son of Martin and Parthenia, writes that the parents of Martin were John and Elisabeth [Albert] Ragle, and that Martin was the youngest child of that family. William Henry Ragle also identifies two of Martin's older brothers, Henry and Jacob, and states that Henry raised Martin to a tanner's trade after the death of his father, in the hills of eastern Tennessee. The journal also states that Jacob died in the "Battle of Horseshoe Bend," in 1814, but a military muster record indicates that he survived [at least until the muster was held a few weeks after the battle]. This Jacob is very probably the first husband of Susanna Ritchey Ragle. Susanna next married James Parrott around 1816 and took her five children to southern Indiana before 1821, where Parrott was named the childrens' guardian in an action at Probate Court in Paoli. (See Jacob Ragle and Susanna Ritchey).

A hand-written caption to this picture, written by William Reuben Ragle, says "My grandfather and grandmother Ragle." The picture is from Bill and Ann Ragle, and is evidently a photo of a retouched tintype..note the pen work around the clothing and possibly around MH's hair.