Carrie with Mildred and Clara with Rita (in back row); Robert Lucian, Gertrude, Logan, Fred with Evelyn, Naomi Belle, Horace. Next row: Logan Jr. Lois, Aurelian , Margery, Amy, Mamie, Molly (RH End). House number is 1424, which does not jibe with known addresses of the people shown. The house may be the Pueblo residence of Robert Lucian Ragle. This picture, taken on July 4, 1907, is probably the last time that these two family lines got together as a group. Jacob and Samantha had been dead for over a quarter of a century, Susan Ellen since 1889, and Alonzo had died the previous fall. The significance of the grouping is that Alonzo and Susan had taken in several of Jacob's children, when the family of Jacob and Samantha became ill with TB. Alonzo took Logan to Colorado Springs for the curative effect of the healthful climate. Logan was apparently the only survivor from this family.