Alonzo O. Ragle was the 6th child of Peter Ragle and Margaret Wadsworth. He was born on June 16, 1837 in Raglesville, IN. Prior to the Civil War, Alonzo farmed a 160-acre area on the border between Daviess and Martin Counties. He was active in local affairs both before and after the war, and during the Civil War he served in Co. K, 80th Reg. Indiana Volunteers, the "White River Rangers" as Second Sergeant. As a green recruit he fought in the Battle of Perryville, KY. He was discharged Jan 28, 1863 for medical reasons...see Biographical Material on Alonzo Ragle. Alonzo's middle name is not known, but 'Olbert' is a possible one. This occurs in several other Tennessee Ragles, and may have a bearing on the legend that the family is linked to the 'Albert' family of Saxe-Coberg.