Descendents of Alonzo and Susan Ragle. The names of those children who survived to adulthood are repeated below. The links lead to biographical sketches and include descendents for each individual, as far as I know them. Data from the U. S. Federal Censuses of 1910, 1920, and 1930 are given beneath the link to each child. Some of the census data are from, and other items were researched by Jean Nudd, Archivist, NARA Northeast Region. Spellings, particularly of given names, are sometimes incorrectly given in the census sheets. I have put these in " ". In instances where the census shows the profession, it is included in ( ). This section is in active development.. Note that large portions of the 1890 and 1900 census records were destroyed by fire.

  • Algern M. Ragle

    b. April 30, 1859 in Raglesville, IN, d. June 15, 1925 in Ft. Scott, KS; m. Delia O. Williams b. August 17, 1868 in Deerfield, Vernon County, MO, d. August 05, 1953.
    1910: “Algum” (Algern) McReynold Ragle             2 WD Coffeeville, KS	
            (Real Estate & Town Officer)                 Page 6A District 164
          Delia O. Adelstine Williams
          Roland C
          Jean M
    1920: “Algvin” (Algern) McReynold Ragle Ft. Scott, Bourbon, KS
    1930: (deceased, 1925)
  • Jacob Ragle

    b. August 28, 1861 in Raglesville, IN, d. January 28, 1939 in Oakland, CA; m. Mary J. Woodruff b. January 23, 1864, d. December 28, 1939.

    1910: Jacob Ragle                                  5 WD Iola City, Allen, KS
            (Teamster with Wagon)
          Mary Jane Woodruff
          Florence S.	
          “Edward” (Edmund)
    1920: Jacob Ragle 5 WD S. Ohio St. Iola City, Allen, KS (Teamster) Mary Jane Woodruff A. Woodruff (Abraham Woodruff, father of Mary Jane) Florence S. Alta Paul Edmund
    1930: Mary J. Manteca, CA Edmund (Teacher) (Jacob is shown living with his younger brother, Robert L. Ragle, vide infra)
  • Nathan Shumate Ragle

    b. November 15, 1863 in Raglesville, IN, d. December 14, 1919 in Salina, KS; m. Rosa Hoover b. November 23, 1869 in Quincy, KS, d. October 2, 1925 in Saline, KS.

    1910: Nathan S. Ragle                         Wano Twp, Cheyenne, KS	
            (Clergyman, ME Church)
          Rosetta A.
          Floyd W.
          Forrest S
          Homer T
          Merrill W
    1920: (deceased 1919)
  • William Eugene Ragle

    b. November 25, 1866 in Raglesville, IN, d. February 6, 1944 in Los Angeles, CA; m. Etta C. Black b. September 26, 1873 in Wilson County, KS, d. October 04, 1943 in Los Angeles, CA.

    1910: William E                                    Sycamore Twp, Montgomery KS
            (Retail Grocer)                    
          Etta C	
          Harold E
    1920: William E Chanute, Neosho, KS Etta C
    1930: William E Belvedere, Los Angeles CA (Owner Retail Grocery) Etta C
  • Carrie Lucrezia Ragle

    b. May 21, 1869 in IN, d. August 16, 1929 in Colorado Springs, CO; m. Ambrose E. Buss b. September 15, 1862 in Springfield, IL, d. January 13, 1943 in Colorado Springs CO.

    1900: Buss, Ambrose E.                             Precinct 34, Colorado Springs, El Paso, CO
            (Clerk, Wholesale Grocery)                 Ward 3, N. Royer St. bottom half of page burned
          Carrie “A.”                                  and illegible. No Ragles nearby.
          Harriet I. Buss
          Ragle, Mollie (Anna Mary, sister of Carrie L.)
            (telephone operator)
          Hoover, Essie (sister of wife of Nathan S. Ragle)
            (telephone operator)
    1910: (not found)
    1920: Carrie L. Ragle Colorado Springs, El Paso CO (Nurse) Ambrose E. Buss (Gardener, Landscape) Richard Harriet I (Diagonostician, Dr.'s Office)
    1930: Carrie L deceased (1929)
  • Robert Lucian Ragle

    b. August 20, 1873 in Daviess Co. IN, d. May 14, 1950 in Colorado Springs, CO; m. Clara Viola Garrison b. March 28, 1877 in Lanark, Carroll Co., IL, d. July 25, 1955 in Colorado Springs, CO.

    1910: (not found)
    1920: Robert L. Ragle Shiley Twp, Pawnee KS (farmer) Clara V. "Aurelia" (Aurelian) Lois Rita "Emma" (Erna) Wilda Robert (Edwin)
    1930: Robert L. Shiley Twp, Pawnee KS (farmer) Clara V. Rita Laura Wilda Edwin Jacob (older brother of Robert L)
  • Anna Mary Ragle

    (AKA "Mollie") b. March 29, 1876 in Raglesville, IN, d. February 6, 1921 in Seattle, WA; m. Rollo Beach b. April 03, 1885 in Mansfield, PA, d. May 01, 1963 in Issaquah, WA.

    1900: Anna Mary Ragle living with Ambrose Buss family (vide supra).
    1910: (not found; Rollo Beach in Cosmopolis Twp, Chehalis, WA)
    1920: Anna Mary Seattle, King WA (secretary) Rollo Beach
    1930: Anna Mary deceased (1921)
  • Frederick Alonzo Ragle

    b. February 02, 1879 in Martin Co. IN near Raglesville, IN, d. October 02, 1910 in Colorado Springs, CO; m. Naomi Belle Williams b. IN, d. 1918 in Colorado Springs, CO.

    1910: Fredrick A. Ragle                             3-WD Colorado Springs, El Paso CO
            (Salesman, Sporting Goods)                  Sheet 8B Ward 3 Precinct 2
          Belle N.                                      N. Arcadia St.
          Evelyn M.
          Freddie A.
    1920: Frederic A deceased (1910)
  • Horace Mann Ragle

    b. July 23, 1881 in Raglesville, IN, d. October 30, 1939 in Colorado Springs, CO; m. Carrie Gertrude Davis b. October 21, 1883 in Elk County, KS, d. November 22, 1965 in Colorado Springs, CO.

    1910: Horace M. Ragle                               3-WD Colorado Springs, El Paso CO
            (Bookkeeper, Mining Broker)                 Sheet 7B Ward 3 Precinct 2
          Carrie G.                                     Institute Drive
          Mildred E
          Richard C
          Abbie Davis (mother in law)
    1920: Horace “W" Colorado Springs, El Paso CO (Bookkeeper, Broker’s Office) District 7 p. 5A Carrie “H” Mildred Fred A. (nephew, son of Fredrick A. Ragle vide supra, Milk Carrier) Richard Katherine
    1930: Horace M. Colorado Springs, El Paso CO (Secretary, Stocks & Bonds, Unemployed) Carrie G. Mildred E (Assistant, Botany Dept. University) Richard C. (Assistant, Geology Dept. Colorado College) Katherine E. Fred A. (nephew, son of Fredrick A. Ragle Clerical, Wholesale Sugar Co.) Aurelian G. (nephew, son of Robert L. Ragle Time Keeper at Golden Cycle Mills)