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About the authors and compilers of this article: John Linn Ragle, is the oldest son of Richard and Jane. Margaret Ragle Carter is their youngest daughter. We have jointly tried to set down our recollections of our parents, with whatever data we could recover. The text and pictures draw from many other sources, relatives and friends, far too many to be listed here. JLR owes special thanks to our second cousin JoAnn Eakin Lewis, and my uncle's wife Elizabeth Sperber Ragle, for their many important contributions.

In 1938, Richard, Jane and John moved from the "lower 48" to Alaska, then a "Territory" belonging to the United States. Alaska was the final addition to a long list of such entities (vide "Organized Incorporated Territories of the United States," an article contained in Wikipedia). It achieved statehood on June 30, 1958. One may imagine this move to be the latest part of a general diaspora, in which the Ragles (Riegels) of Pennsylvania "Dutch" country partook beginning in the mid-1700's. The move to Fairbanks was probably most immediately caused by the economic disaster that has come to be known as "The Great Depression" and its immediate consequences…one simply went where employment was available.

The move to Alaska made many ties to the immediately related family very vague. None of the siblings other than John have any recollection of their Ragle and Hulbert grandfathers, who passed away soon after our parents arrived in Alaska. The constellation of great grandparents, great aunts and uncles existed only in the stories told to us by our parents. Connections to the early colonies, the move westward, the Civil War, and other parts of the American pageant were unknown to all of us.

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