Fredrick A. Ragle
Naomi Belle Williams
Colorado Springs, Colorado






Susan Toon Ragle, wife of Alonzo and Fred's mother, died of septicemia in 1889, as explained in the section on Alonzo and Susan. After his mother's death, Fred, along with his brothers Will and Nate, was involved in closing out merchandise in Alonzo's Quincy, Kansas general store. Alonzo also had holdings in Toronto, KS and these were apparently managed by Robert Lucian Ragle. Parts of the family remained centered on eastern and southeastern Kansas, but Fred, along with Carrie L. and Horace M. felt the attractiveness of the Colorado Springs, CO area and made the move to the Front Range around 1900.

The spelling of Fred's name is taken from the 1910 census. Various people quote A. as "Alonzo" or "Arthur." I have arbitrarily chosen the former as reasonable. This is only a guess, as I have not found the middle name spelled out in any document.

From a letter from Alonzo Ragle to Nathan Shumate Ragle dated 5th and 8th 1898 (i.e. May 8, 1898): "Fread has enlisted...[and]...went to Jefferson Baracks yesterday. Carrie write me that Horrace has enlisted but she thinks he will be rejected."

Muster documents from Spanish American war: Fred A. Ragle mustered as Pvt., Co. C. 3rd Regt. Missouri Infantry. Enrolled May 4, 1898, mustered in May 14, 1898 at Jefferson Barracks, MO for a period of 2 years. Residence Kansas City, MO. Occupation: Clerk. Father: Alonzo Ragle, of Kansas City, MO. Mustered out in Kansas City, MO on Nov. 7, 1898.

Fred Ragle lived in Colorado Springs, CO. and died there at age 31 in a hunting accident. Harold Ragle lists him married to Isabel Walters. Elizabeth Sperber Ragle recalls that Carrie Davis Ragle always called his wife "Belle," which fits the Naomi Belle Williams in my record as well as that of Dr. Ragle. This might be taken to mean that Frederic was married twice, but I think this might be a typographic mistake. In a newspaper obituary, Fred Ragle lived with his wife and two girls at 1103 Arcadia street..." Again, this might be a typographic mistake, but in this regard, the reader should examine the following picture [which had no label].

I have found no evidence either that Fred was married twice, or that Fred and Naomi had a second daughter a year or two older than Evelyn. A researcher at the Pikes Peak Library District says "We were unable to find the name of the other daughter of Fred A. Ragle." Elizabeth Sperber Ragle, the supplier of this picture, assured me that the woman in the picture is not Naomi Williams.

The hunting accident that killed Fred Ragle occurred in 1910, when his children, Evelyn and Fred, were 4 and 2 years old, respectively. This accident is recorded in No. 10780 of the Colorado Gazette Telegram "Hunter Makes Terrible Error."

The article continues: "Fatally Shoots Companion, Mistaking Him for Deer They Had Been Stalking. Fred A. Ragle is victim. Adam Dingless Innocent Cause. Springs Man Dies Soon After Accident. Mistaking his companion for a deer, Adam Dingless, a ranchman, shot Fred A. Ragle of this city near the Glencairn ranch, 20 miles south of Colorado Springs, at about 3 yesterday afternoon, the victim dying shortly afterward. Ragle, who was about 30 years old, lived with his wife and two girls at 1103 Arcadia street, and was employed at the sporting goods store of John W. Garrett on East Huerfano street. He was a veteran of the Spanish-American war, and was well-known here, having lived in this vacinity for many years. His family is prostrated as a result of his sudden death, and Dingless is scarcely less grieved. Immediately on receipt of news of the shooting, Dr. E. L. McKinnie left for the Glencairn ranch, and returned with the body at midnight. No inquest will probably be held.

"Ragle, who was an enthusiastic devotee of the sport which cost him his life, started out yesterday morning with Mr. and Mrs. Dingless and Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Jones, ranchers of the vicinity, to enjoy a little picnic and hunting trip. The three men scared up a deer, and after wounding the animal, Dingless started to track it by its blood, while the other two men detoured to head it off. As Dingless came up on a rise of ground, he noticed the bushes moving in advance of him, and fired. The big 45-70 Winchester drove the bullet true to its mark, and Ragle fell to the ground, wounded in the abdomen."

"Discovers Terrible Error. Dingless quickly went to the scene to finish the supposed deer, and became nearly crazed with grief when he realized his error. He called his comrades, whe were not far away, and together they started to take Ragle to the house of Dingless, near the Glencairn ranch. Before they got there, however, the terrible loss of blood resulting from the cutting of the arteries in the abdomen caused his death.

"In the hope that some life might still be remaining, a rancher voluteered to go to the Glencairn ranch, which was only about 400 yards away., and telephone for a physician, but the phone was out of order and the messenger rushed in an automoblie to this city where he secured Dr. E. L. cKinnie, who hurried to the scene, but too late to be of assistance. The bullet entered just above the right hip, and passing upward, came outin the lower part of the left side, piercing several arteries.

"The only conscious words spoken by Ragle after he was wounded referred to the man who shot him, his long-time friend. Several times he said: 'Poor Adam! Poor Adam' and then lapsed into unconsciousness.

"The body is at the morgue."

The funeral notice that appeared in the local paper reads: "The funeral of Fred A. Ragle, who was accidentally shot while hunting Sunday, will be held from the residence, 1103 Arcadia Street, this afternoon at 3 o'clock, the Rev. W. K. Bennett, of the Methodist church, South, officiating. Burial will be in Evergreen cemetery. Mrs. Ragle's mother, Mrs. P. A. Williams; brother, J. B. Williams, and sister, Mr. J. P. Purcell, all of Kismet, Kan., are here for the funeral."

The Penrose Ave. branch of the Colorado Springs Library, Local History and Geneology Division gives the following information: F. A. Ragle was buried on October 5, 1910 in Evergreen Cemetery. He is buried with Naomi Belle Williams Baker. Belle married Luther Baker after F. A.'s death. Naomi Belle died in the 1918-1919 influenza pandemic.

In the 1910 census, the household of F. A. Ragle consists of Fredrick A. Ragle (note spelling), Belle N. Ragle, Evelyn M. Ragle, and Freddie A. Ragle, ages 31, 27, 4, and 2. F. A. Ragle is listed as a salesman in "Sporting Goods." The address was 1103 North Arcadia street.

The Veterans' Interrment Information site for the State of Colorado shows: Ragle, Fred A, El Paso County, Evergreen Cemetery. DOB 12 FEB1879 POB IN

At some point after the death of Fred, the two children, Evelyn Maureen Ragle and Fred A. Ragle, were sent to live with Belle's mother, Mrs. P. A. Williams, who lived in Kismet, Kansas. This arrangement worked out poorly for Fred, and in the 1920 Federal Census we find him living with his uncle and aunt, Horace and Carrie Ragle, in Colorado Springs.

A few comments are in order about the relationship between the families of (senior) Fred and his brother, Horace. Born about two and a half years apart, they were apparently very close. Although they were married about a year apart, a photograph shows the two couples sharing a honeymoon trip. Horace and Fred are also shown in formal attire, probably at Fred's wedding. The junior Fred and my father, Richard, grew up together in the same household, and were also very close.

The Buss family [Ambrose Buss and Carrie Ragle Buss] lived just down the street. For a time Fred and Ambrose operated a small grocery store, which was closed after Fred's death. The Buss' son Richard Buss was also close to Fred Jr. and my father, Richard. Fred's daughter Evelyn Maureen lived in Kismet, Pretty Prairie and Midian, Kansas. A daughter, Elsie Claudine, was born to a marriage between Evelyn and Virgil Tedlock in 1923 in Midian, KS. Elsie married Troy Burns in 1945, and there are living children of this marriage. Fred's son Fred married Elizabeth Sperber in [date unknown], and there are living children of this marriage.