Ambrose HULBERT, b. January 27, 1751/52 m. Jain GILMORE. Ambrose I fought in the Battle of Bennington in 1777, and died in the War shortly before Ambrose II was born. Ambrose II was raised by Jain and her second husband, Eri Dinsmore.

Ambrose HULBERT II, b. 1781, m. Dorothy BAKER.

their son, Eri Baker HULBERT, b. 1807, m. Mary Louisa WALKER.

their son, Eri Baker II HULBERT, b. 1841, m. Ethelyn Emma SPENCER. William A. Hulbert was the older brother of Eri Baker Hulbert II.

their son, Charles Eri HULBERT, b. 1880, m. Esther Margaret LINN.

their daughter, Jane Addams HULBERT, b. 1911; m. Richard Charles RAGLE.

The author, John Linn Ragle, is the son of this couple.