A Photo Gallery

Prior Generations

Information is given about the parents and grandparents of Peter Ragle and Margaret Wadsworth. This information is scant and no obviously no pictures are available since photography had not been invented at that time.

Key to antecedents of Jacob Ragle.

Key to Children of Jacob Ragle and Susanna Ritchey.

Comments on Elizabeth Ragle Halfacre, b. 1804, sister of Peter Ragle Sr.

Comments on John Ragle, b. 1808, brother of Peter Ragle Sr.

Two Children of Susannah Ragle, b. 1812, and Hiram Alfred Shepard

Key to Children of Thomas Wadsworth and Nancy Skaggs.

Generation 1. PETER RAGLE Sr.

Key to Children of Peter and Margaret Ragle.

Peter Ragle Sr.

Margaret Wadsworth Ragle

Peter Ragle Sr. and his wife Margaret Wadsworth Ragle

Generation 2. ROBERT RAGLE

Robert & Nancy [Richardson] Ragle

Hayden & Sophie [Hinkle] Ragle

George & Mary M. [Ragle] Stoy

Generation 2. JACOB RAGLE

Jacob Ragle

Logan Ragle, Sr.

Logan Ragle Sr. and August Wahler

Logan and Mamie Ragle, 1942

Carol, Jamin, & Richard Ragle, 2005

Generation 2. RHODA RAGLE

Rhoda Ragle Toon and Lucian Toon

Generation 2. ALONZO RAGLE

Alonzo O. Ragle, 1878

Biographical Material on Alonzo Ragle (in draft, 06/01/2005).

Susan Ellen Toon,

Key to Children of Alonzo and Susan Ragle.

Generation 2. MARGARET RAGLE

Margaret Ragle Trueblood

Richard Trueblood

Descendants of Jacob and Alonzo Ragle.

Generation 3. OVERVIEW

Robert, Will, Algern, Jake, Nathan,.

Alonzo's Children. (Close-up 1) (Close-up 2).

Children and grandchildren of Alonzo Ragle and Susan Toon.

Generation 3. ALGERN RAGLE

Algern Ragle.

Algern and Delia Ragle.

Biographical Material on Algern Ragle (draft, 01/27/2001).

Caricature of Algern Ragle.

1903 Coffeyville, KS City Directory.

Algern McReynold Ragle and Family.

Juanita Ragle, infant Daughter of Algern and Delia Ragle.

ALGERN RAGLE, Generations 4 & Subsequent

H. Harland Ragle, infant son of Algern and Delia Ragle.

H. Harland Ragle and Family.

Jane Ragle, daughter of H. Harland Ragle

H. Harland Ragle Jr.

Janice Edwards Ragle

H. Harland Ragle I, II, III

Roland Culler Ragle.

Roland Culler Ragle and Extended Family.

Roland Culler Ragle, WW1.

Esther Boell Ragle.

Dan McReynolds Ragle.

Randy M. Ragle and Family.

Rachel Ragle.

Carol and Nicky Dyal.

Jean Merrill Ragle and Family.

Bill and Pat [Ragle] Wilson.

Kathleen [Wilson] Griswold.

Generation 3. JACOB RAGLE

Jacob Ragle, son of Alonzo Ragle and Susan Ellen Toon.

Biographical Material on Jacob Ragle (in draft, 10/27/97).

Abraham Woodruff, his daughter Mary Jane Woodruff Ragle, and granddaughter
Gertrude May Ragle Clayton

Gertrude May Ragle Clayton

Marilyn Blank & Children, 1995 Descendents of Jacob Ragle and Mary Woodruff


Quincy Gothic. Rev. Nathan Shumate Ragle and wife, Rosa Hoover.

Family Members of Nathan Shumate Ragle and Rosa Hoover.

Three Sons of Nathan Ragle and Rosa Hoover who went to war.


William Eugene Ragle and Etta Catherine Black.

Harold Eugene Ragle,

Bettie Ragle Soule, Austin Texas, December 1996.


Carrie Lucretia Ragle

Ambrose E. Buss and Carrie Lucrezia Ragle

Ragle-Buss grouping.


Children of Robert Lucian and Clara Garrison Ragle.

Generation 3. ANNA MARY RAGLE

Anna Mary Ragle, (Mollie).


Fred and Horace Ragle. Picture from Marilyn Tucker Blank.

Mollie, Fred and Belle

Frederick A. Ragle, in service in the Spanish-American War of 1898.

Frederick Alonzo Ragle and Naomi Belle Williams

Belle Williams and Fred Ragle on their honeymoon, Carrie Davis and Horace Ragle accompanying.

Frederick Alonzo Ragle, companions and location unknown.

FREDERIC ALONZO RAGLE; Generations 4 & Subsequent

Evelyn Ragle, daughter of Fred and Naomi Ragle.

Fred Ragle &Elizabeth Sperber Fred Ragle is the son of Frederic A. Ragle and Naomi Belle Williams Ragle

Fred and Elsie Fred, son of Frederick and Naomi Belle Ragle, and Elsie Claudine Tedlock, daughter of Evelyn Ragle and Virgil Tedlock.

Elsie Claudine Tedlock, daughter of Evelyn Ragle and Virgil Tedlock.

Elsie Claudine Tedlock and Troy Elmer Burns


The House Next Door. Home of Horace and Carrie Ragle.

Horace Mann Ragle

Horace Ragle in the Colorado National Guard at age 33.

Carrie Gertrude Davis

HORACE MANN RAGLE; Generations 4 & Subsequent

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on the Hulberts and the Davises

Generation 2. NANCY JANE RAGLE

John Keck, husband of Nancy Jane Ragle.

Generation 2. PETER RAGLE Jr.

Key to Children of Peter Ragle Jr.

Peter Ragle Jr. as Civil War Soldier.

Peter Ragle Jr. at mid-life.

Peter Ragle Jr. as elderly man.

Isabel Ragle.

Mourning Addie Ragle, wife of George R. Boyle.

Store of George R. Boyle.

Michael and Catharine Gruver. Aunt and uncle of Emma Gruver.

Harley Henry Ragle and Maude O'Donald.

 Charles Andrew Ragle, son of Peter Ragle and Emma Gruver.

Ohio Ragles Jack Lee, Barbara, Paul and Betty, two generations forward from Peter Ragle Jr. and Emma Gruver.

Starlin Sims, Civil War Officer and raiser of fine horses in the Raglesville, IN area.


Family of Claude and Edith Ragle: From left, Milo, Delmar, Thelma, Oral, Claude, Edith, Opal, Curtis, Olaf.

Olaf Alyous Ragle, grandson of Nathan S. Ragle, as a child.

Olaf Ragle and his mother Edith Loughmiller Ragle.

Carrie G. Davis m. Horace M. Ragle
October 18, 1905

Key to DAVIS/RAGLE Confluence.

Generation 1. WILLYS DAVIS

Willys Davis, Grandfather of Carrie Davis, 1860.

Ann Coggeshall, wife of Wyllis Davis.

Generation 2. NATHAN DAVIS

Davis family group: Elwood, Nathan, Lucy, and Sanford.

Abigail Newby Davis mother of Carrie Gertrude Davis (our grandmother Ragle).

Abigail and Hulda Newby (from Miriam Cleese Crocker).


Lola Mae Davis [Hall], older sister of Carrie Gertrude Davis [Ragle]

Maurice and Lola Hall & family.

Lola Mae and Carrie Gertrude Davis.

Jane A. Hulbert m. Richard C. Ragle
October 21, 1931

Key to Hulbert/Ragle Confluence.

Key to Hulbert/Colburn Confluence.

Ambrose Hulbert II, a Portrait

Headstone of Ambrose Hulbert II.

Eri Baker Hulbert I

William A. Hulbert, "The Man Who Saved Baseball."

Eri Baker Hulbert II

Elizabeth and Florence Ethelyn Wyant

Ethelyn Louise Hulbert, wife of A. R. E. Wyant.

Charles Eri Hulbert, 1936, father of Jane Addams Hulbert.

Hulbert-Linn family group, 1938.

HORACE MANN RAGLE; Generations 4 & Subsequent

Key to Children of Horace and Carrie Ragle.

Carroll Lakes, CO 1920: Assorted Ragle family members.

Carrie Ragle, Forrest Ragle, Mildred Ragle Stewart, June 1944.

Richard C. Ragle, Army Air Corps, 1931.

Second Lieutenant Richard Charles Ragle, about 1935.

Jane Addams Hulbert, 1931.

Katherine Ragle and her husband William Shanks, 1933.

Katherine Ellen Ragle Shanks, Raglesville, 1940's.

Richard, Forrest, and Harland Ragle

Text Concerning Richard Ragle, the author's father

Steven Ragle and Heather Burgett, November 1, 1997, Wedding Reception in Hayward, CA.

Kessa, Nancy [Ragle] and Bret Andrews, December 2002

Erin [Jacque] and Jeff Ragle, February 2003