Well, if you got this far, you know a fair amount about my childhood. In August, 1951 I left Fairbanks to begin my sophomore year at the University of California at Berkeley. I graduated with a BS in Chemistry in June, 1954, and went on to graduate school at Washington State University, from which I obtained a Ph.D. in Chemistry in June, 1957. A faculty opening was available at the University of Massachusetts for that fall, which I took as an Assistant Professor. In 1960, feeling the need for change and for additional learning, I spent two years at Cornell University working in the group of Michael J. Sienko. After this rewarding period, I joined the staff of Northrop Space Laboratories in Hawthorne, CA for 2 years of industrial work, then re-joined the faculty at UMass as an Associate Professor.

I spent productive sabbatical leaves at the University of British Columbia, the Technische Hochschule in Darmstadt, Germany [as a Senior von Humboldt awardee], and at Brookhaven National Laboratories on Long Island. During this time I published somewhere between 60 and 70 technical papers in several fields of chemistry: nuclear and electron spin resonance, photoelectron spectroscopy, and theoretical chemistry. In 1997 I elected early retirement from the University of Massachusetts, but stayed an additional year as the manager of computing services for the Chemistry Department.

Since retirement in 1998, I have had more free time to pursue my hobbies of Ragle genealogy, amateur radio, and music. I play euphomium for several local bands, and manage the music library and the web site for the Montague Community Band. The latter can be accessed at: http://www.crocker.com/~jlr.