A tentative list of the children of John Ragle and Elisabeth Albert Ragle, showing placement of Jacob Ragle in this family.

John Ragle              1754  Germany
Elisabeth Albert   abt. 1760  Germany

  Elizabeth Ragle
  Martha Reagle
  Peggy Ragle
  Adam Ragle
  Jacob Ragle           1773  USA
  John             abt. 1780  USA
  Henry                 1788  USA
  George Henry          1792  USA
  Abraham               1795  USA
  Martin Hagia          1804  Glade Spring, VA

This list is only tentative. What is known is that John Ragle had 10 heirs, and that 7 of the above are explicitly mentioned in land sales records as heirs. Jacob and Henry are mentioned in the Journal of William Henry Ragle (a son of Martin Hagia Ragle) as children of John and Elisabeth. Several are mentioned in marriage records for southwestern Virginia.

For a further discussion of the uncertainties in this list, see the subsection on "Ragle Family Relationships and Interconnections" in Section 2.