John Keck, First Sergeant, Co. K, 80th Reg. Indiana Volunteers, the "White River Rangers." This officer served with Jacob Ragle (b. 1833), and this picture appears, with Jacob Ragle's, on an ornate Company Record belonging to Richard Logan Ragle. Both pictures in the original are very small (about 1 inch in diameter) and somewhat primitive.

John L. Keck, b. July 31, 1837 in Keck's Church, Martin Co. IN. This John Keck [there are several] married Nancy Jane Ragle, Jacob's younger sister, on May 28, 1858. He died May 14, 1864 in action at Resaca, Georgia and is buried in the cemetery at Burns City, IN. Nancy and their two children lived with a brother, Henry Keck, until sometime in the 1870's, when they moved to Bloomington, Monroe Co. IN and lived with John's parents, Christian and Catherine Keck. Nancy was a tailor in Bloomington, and died there May 22, 1911.