Picture says "Jacob Ragle's Logan Ragle." Son of Jacob Ragle (1833-1877) and Samantha Keck (1838-1873). Jacob Ragle and Samantha Keck had several children. Of these we know little except that the family contracted TB and both parents died as a consequence. Alonzo and Susan Ragle took in two of these ill-starred children, Margaret and (this) Logan, b. January 02, 1868, d. January 15, 1953. Margaret apparently died young, but Logan went with Alonzo to the Hot Springs in Colorado, recuperated, and went on to become a successful businessman in Denver and Pueblo. He married Mary Amelia Schrier on November 8, 1892 in Chicago, Illinois. Logan and Amelia are buried in a Ragle family plot in Rosewood Cemetery, Pueblo, Colorado.