The Ragle Family

Containing information chiefly about the Ragle line descending from
Peter Ragle Sr. and Margaret Wadsworth Ragle

Transcribed and assembled with the assistance of many Ragle family members.

John Linn Ragle
December 14, 2002

Harold Eugene Ragle, M. D. (1894-1981)
Early Genealogist to the Ragle Family & the author's first cousin once removed.
Career Naval Officer, here shown in World War 1 uniform.

Preface. At the outset, I wish to make it clear that this is a joint effort, which contains numerous and important contributions by many people. Accordingly, I use the word 'we' in many places to indicate this joint authorship.

Several people have written about the Ragle family, but my first exposure to the family history came from the examination of a small booklet published by Harold Eugene Ragle, M. D., my first cousin once removed.

My second exposure to the Ragle family history was an attempt by my father, Richard Charles Ragle, to draw up a formal family tree based on Harold Eugene's pamphlet and some additional information in a family bible which has since disappeared. At some point following his death I felt I would like to contribute to this project of his, but that it would be a short-term piece of work, and that I could move on to other interests fairly quickly. I began to work on the task around the spring of 1993, but soon discovered that I had badly underestimated its scope.

I also discovered that genealogical facts do not fit very well into book form. This is because of the highly cross-linked and unbounded nature of the data. But it is just this kind of data for which hypertext and web-based publication are designed, and so it is fairly natural that I decided to put together what I could, in a form that would permit others to correct and supplement the work. I would like to dedicate my part in this to all my many newly-found relatives.

In the process of collecting information, I have found several different family lines that bear the surname 'Ragle.' These people are included in the database but do not play a central role in the text which follows. The reason for this is simple: I do not know enough about these other families to record more than names and dates and a few simple facts.

Concerning documentation, we have found that the border between distant fact and opinion is not always as sharp as we might like to believe, and although we have tried to document our contentions, it has sometimes happened that our sources have themselves been mutually contradictory. In any case, our sources are themselves often secondary, and we have inherited their errors as well as our own. We hope as far as errors are concerned that we have corrected at least as many as we have copied unaltered, but we know from a lifetime of experience that our talents include making mistakes. One favor we would ask of the reader: please regard our work as an invitation to correction, further investigation and supplementation.

Short Synopsis of the Writer's Family:

The deep ancestry of the Ragle family lies in west central Europe, e.g. southern France, southern Germany, possibly Scandinavia. According to DNA analysis, the author's family belongs to haplogroup I (M170), thought to enter Europe from the eastern Mediterranean over 10,000 years ago, at the end of the last glaciation.

There are of course no records of this early ancestry, and our story begins with John Ragle. It is possible that John Ragle was Johann Bernhard [Leonhard in some records] Ragel, whose landing in Philadelphia in 1771 on the ship Tyger is documented in ship's lists. The span of John Ragle's life is approximately 1756-1816, and all we know about this individual is that he appears in the land and tax records of the Shenandoah Valley after the Revolutionary War, progressively further south as time passes. According to a personal journal left by one of his grandchildren, John Ragle's wife was Elisabeth Albert. A family fable has John drowning while attempting a crossing of the Holston River in about 1816. Land records indicate that he had 10 heirs, and we have plausibly identified one of these as Jacob Ragle, the 3rd great grandfather of the writer.

Jacob Ragle married Susanna Ritchey in southwest Virginia on January 27, 1803. They set up household in Sullivan County, Tennessee and had a family of either 5 or 6 children (the record is not clear). The place of birth of these children is recorded in later US Census documents. One of these children was Peter Ragle, born March 04, 1806 in Sullivan, Tennessee, died November 17, 1886 in Raglesville, Indiana. Peter Ragle is the 2nd great grandfather of the writer.

Peter Ragle married Margaret Wadsworth, born April 15, 1808 in Warren Co. Tennessee, on March 20, 1828 in Orange County, Indiana. The couple had 14 children, 11 of whom survived to adulthood. Sometime around 1836 the couple moved from the northern part of Orange County to Daviess County, where they lived in the neighborhood of a community which became "Raglesville" sometime prior to 1849. Margaret Wadsworth died on May 22, 1876 in Raglesville, Indiana. The 6th child of Peter and Margaret was Alonzo Ragle, born June 16, 1837 in Raglesville, Indiana. Alonzo is the great grandfather of the writer. Peter and Margaret are buried in the Ragle family plot in Raglesville Cemetery.

Alonzo Ragle farmed in Martin County, Indiana, just east of Raglesville. On June 13, 1858 he married Susan Ellen Toon, born January 04, 1838 in Burns City [Burns City is the modern name; at the time the community was known as Keck's Church, or Kecksville], Martin County, Indiana. Alonzo and Susan Ragle had 10 children, 9 of whom grew to adulthood; all were born on the farm in Martin County, Indiana. The 10th child, Horace Mann Ragle, born July 23, 1881, is the writer's grandfather. In the winter of 1881, the family moved to eastern Kansas, where they had a store and a farm. Susan Toon died July 27, 1889 in Toronto, Kansas. Horace Mann Ragle was brought up by the eldest child of Alonzo and Susan, Algern Ragle, in Coffeyville, Kansas. Alonzo travelled around after Susan's death, but ultimately returned to the Indiana farm with his daughter Anna Mary (Mollie) Ragle. He died January 30, 1906 on the Indiana farm but is buried with Susan in Toronto, Kansas.

Horace Ragle moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado sometime around 1900, where he met Carrie Gertrude Davis, born October 21, 1883 in Elk County, Kansas. They were married October 18, 1905 in Colorado Springs. The couple had 3 children, the second of which, Richard Charles Ragle, is the father of the writer. Horace died October 30, 1939 in Colorado Springs, Carrie on November 22, 1965. Both are buried in Colorado Springs.

Richard Ragle was born October 13, 1908 in Colorado Springs. He married Jane Addams Hulbert, born April 18, 1911 in Chicago, Illinois, on October 22, 1931 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Richard and Jane had 4 children, of whom the writer is the eldest. Jane died January 21, 1982 in Walnut Creek, California, and Richard died on March 20, 1987 in Anchorage, Alaska.

John Linn Ragle was born February 4, 1933 in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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