Richard Charles Ragle left us a manuscript describing his experiences in the Aleutians at the start of World War II. We have also tried to document some of his other wartime activities with the Air Search and Rescue unit out of Ladd Field, near Fairbanks, AK. These appear in the sequence below.

When we decided to attach this manuscript to the Ragle Web Pages, it seemed natural to include sections which gave more detail to the early alaskan life of this branch of the Ragle family. I have written this as a first-person narrative, beginning around 1938 and ending around 1951. Somewhat after 1938 the memories of my sisters come on line, and their recollections should be added, Ann's at around 1942, and Margaret's around 1946. Bill's contributions start around 1952, when my contact with the family had already ended for all practical purposes. Descendents of Richard and Jane are discussed at the bottom of this narrative.

Biographical Information on Richard and Jane Ragle.

World War II -- The War in the Aleutians -- a memoir by Richard Charles Ragle.

World War II -- An Alaskan Rescue -- UP Dispatch of 1944 on the involvement of Major Ragle with wartime rescue operations in interior Alaska.