Rhoda Ragle was the 5th child of Peter Ragle and Margaret Wadsworth. She was born on October 14, 1835, in Orange Co. IN. Lucian Toon was born to William Toon and Mary C. Edmonson on October 26, 1830 in Lawrence Co. IN. The couple were married March 27, 1856. Lucian farmed in Martin Co. in an area now occupied by the Crane Naval Weapons Depot. On his death in 1906 the farm was put to auction.

Descendents recount that the Toons had trouble with a group of local Confederate sympathizers who were organized as "The Knights of the Golden Circle," though detail is lacking. Most of the area around Burns City and Raglesville was populated by staunch Union supporters, and in fact the area contributed heavily to the Indiana Volunteer troops in the Civil War.