First cousins Richard Charles Ragle [left, son of Horace and Carrie Ragle], Forrest Shumate Ragle [son of Nathan and Rosa Ragle], and Harland Ragle [son of Algern and Delia Ragle], all grandchildren of Alonzo Ragle and Susan Ellen Toon. Picture taken at Forrest's farm in Huntington, Long Island, June 1946.

This is probably the last contact between the lines of Horace and Algern Ragle until the author connected again with Harland's descendents living in Georgia. Harland died sometime around 1950 in New York City.

Up until about 1949 [Forrest died in 1949] the Ragle farm on Long Island was a focal point for Forrest, Richard, and Mildred Ragle Stewart, as well as for some of the other descendents of Nathan Shumate Ragle [the younger]; Forrest and Grace were wonderful hosts, and the children found many ways to amuse themselves on the farm. It was on this place that the author met some of his other teenage 2nd cousins, e.g. Phyllis Jean Ragle. After this, contact between the lines of Horace and Forrest Ragle occured only fitfully until the author met again the two surviving daughters of Grace and Forrest in recent years.