Abra(ha)m Woodruff, born 1834 in Ohio. Woodruffs are listed in an article about the closing of the Kalida, KS School District 16...Abe Woodruff, an adult (carpenter) fixed the door of the original school, which was held in an abandoned cabin, and among the first 12 students in the school in late fall 1867 were Charles, John, and Mary Woodruff. Charles and John are brothers of Mary, and Mary is the Mary Jane Woodruff who married Jake Ragle. Edith L. Naylor married Frank C. Woodruff on Sept. 9, 1909 and had children Curtis and Claud Woodruff. Claud Woodruff describes "my cousin Ed Ragle who was some ten years our senior used to ride his motorcycle from Iola to the old farm..." (vide Edmond Woodruff Ragle, son of Jacob and Mary Jane Ragle, in the family tree.)

The Kalida school is the same school in which Algern Ragle later taught, sometime after 1881.

From an article by Frank Curtis Woodruff: Abram T. Woodruff learned the carpenter trade and worked on the locks and aquaducts of the canals in Ohio, where he was born. He was also engaged in lumbering. In 1857 he married Sarah Ann Kretzinger. 5 Children were born to this couple in Ohio. He enlisted in the 192nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry in the Civil War. The family moved to Woodson Co. KS, southeast of Yates Center in the Kalida neighborhood in 1867.

The older lady in the picture is Mary Jane Woodruff Ragle, wife of Jacob Ragle and mother of Gertrude Ragle.

The young lady in the picture is Gertrude May Ragle Clayton, and the children are Lois and Elsin Clayton. Picture, taken ca. 1912, provided by Sharon Viets.