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John RAGLE (born 1808)

brother of
Peter RAGLE (born 1806)

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John Ragle was born March 04, 1808 in Sullivan, Tennessee. He married at least four times that we know of. The first marriage, to Eliza Webster, born April 15, 1808, was on June 18, 1829 and is recorded in Paoli, Orange County, Indiana. Eliza died on September 13, 1844. John is also listed as a Head of Household in the Census of 1830 for Paoli, Orange County, Indiana. There followed these eight children:

Although John Ragle purchased land in the Raglesville area around the same time as his brother Peter, it is not known if he lived on this land. A Post Office was established in Raglesville on July 14, 1849, with John Ragle appointed first postmaster. This makes sense in light of his involvement with the store in the community, and probably implies residency in Raglesville in 1849. The 1850 US Census for Daviess County shows John Ragle in Van Buren Twp. An Indiana State Directory & Gazette for 1862 names 'Ragle and Nicholas -- General Merchandise' as a store in Loogootee, and a transaction in 1864 exists in which John and Jacob Ragle sell Lot 8, Loogootee to Tomlinson, Shepard and Co. It is not known to me which Jacob Ragle this is, but it is probably John's son by Amanda Scott Wagley. Nor do I know who "Nicholas" might be, though there is a marriage record for Indiana for a Nicholas Ragle m. Deliah Samuels in 1828.

Beverly Bates has provided another snippet of information, in the form of a letter from Dicy Ragle, the daughter of Alfred and Miranda Ragle, b. January 1, 1855 in Raglesville.

In the letter she says: "...I remember my Grandfather Ragle [e.g. John Ragle] first, as a merchant in Loogootee, Indiana. Then my father kept a store [the general store in Raglesville] and you remember when he and my mother visited us while we were living on the farm near Parsons [presumably Kansas]. That was your grandfather and mother..."

According to the marriage certificate, John Ragle married Amanda Wagley, b. ca. 1810, d. unknown, on February 18, 1845 in Lawrence Co. Indiana. This marriage is sometimes mentioned as John Ragle & Amanda Pate. Referring to the Will of Francis Wood, discussed elsewhere in this material, John Ragle may have had additional land in the Orleans, Indiana area. Since Orleans is in the northern part of Orange County, where it borders on Lawrence County, the marriage to Amanda Wagley may indicate that he still lived in this area in 1845. Concerning Amanda Wagley, there is a marriage record showing Amanda Scott marrying John Wagley June 17, 1832, prior to her marriage to John Ragle. This marriage also took place in Lawrence Co.

There were apparently at seven children of this marriage:

There are two further marriages of record for John Ragle, for one of which the date is not known: John Ragle to Miranda Smith, b. 1810, no further record, one child:

and John Ragle to Margaret Jane Hatch on May 01, 1864, from which marriage there appear to have been the following three children:

The 1870 US Census for Indiana, Daviess Co. shows John living with his daughter and son-in-law Jacob Riley Dillon and Mary Ragle Dillon. John Ragle died in Newberry, Greene Co., Indiana on January 01, 1876. His grave site is unknown. Jill Hastings Johnson, the author of a historical sketch of this side of the Ragle family and Archivist of Montgomery Co. Clarksville, TN. believes that John Ragle is buried in Ketchum Cemetery, in a grave the marking of which was still discernible until the 1960's.

It is worthwhile to comment again at this point on the paucity of our records for the children of John Ragle. James Watt Ragle is apparently named after the third husband, James Watt, of John's mother Susanna. Although James Watt Ragle only lived to the age of 25, the line which he and Mary Polly Woodruff founded has been a successful one.

The outline tree for this line of the family summarizes the facts as we know them; it is to be hoped that someone in the line descending from John will make the effort to flesh these out.

A Michael M. Ragle whose father's name was John married Lydia J. Huddleson on 18 December 1888. Michael was born about 1848 in Floyd Co. IN, and lists his mother's name as Francis. The marriage took place in Shoals, Martin Co. IN. We do not know who this might be.

Monument to Alfred Ragle (1834-1899) and Minerva Casey Ragle (1833-1903), Raglesville Cemetery.

Sarah Ann Ragle (1847-1923) and daughter Jenny May Fraim (1866-1958). Picture from Cindy Pearson.

Eliza Jane Dicy Ragle, daughter of Alfred Ragle and Minerva Almeda Casey, b. 1 January 1855. Looking at the picture, one estimates a date of ca. 1875-1880 at the latest. Picture from Beverly Bates.

George DePew Smith, husband of Eliza Jane Dicy Ragle. Mr. Smith was born 7 September 1841 in Albany Co. New York, and married Dicy Ragle on 12 February 1888. Picture from Beverly Bates.

 Family of Amos Ragle and Florence Binger. From viewer's left the children are Orpha, Alvin, Orville (who died in 1904 of TB), Clyde, Lula, John, Ebert, Austin E. The baby is John Dale Ragle, the father of John Lawrence Ragle and JoAnn Ragle Nance. John Dale Ragle was born in 1896, and so the picture must have been taken around 1898.

Austin E. (Doc) Ragle, 1914 or 1915. Austin E. Ragle (1891-1970) was a son of Amos and Florence Ragle; born in Raglesville, IN, he emigrated west until he struck Baker, OR, where he remained as a veterinarian for many years.

Rev. John Ragle

Rev. John Ragle, Rebecca Bramble Ragle, and one of the Thomas twins, probably Willie. From a large group portrait consisting mostly of unidentified persons.

Rev. John Ragle (1862-1948) and Rebecca Bramble Ragle (1861-1941 on extreme right. The Thomas twins are in the rear row, one standing next to John, and the other in front of the framed picture. The date of this picture must be around 1900 or earlier. As a guess, it may be the fiftieth wedding anniversary celebration of Thomas Bramble and Theresa Williams, who were married in 1836.

A greeting card sent to Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Miller after their wedding, at which the Rev. John Ragle officiated. The card was loaned by Mr. and Mrs. V. F. Miller. The bride was Lola May Ragle, daughter of John and Rebecca Ragle.

Large family group of mostly unidentified people. Rebecca Bramble Ragle and Rev. John Ragle are marked (single white dot, above), and Amos Ragle is prominent in the foreground, right (single white dot below. It is possible that grandfather John Ragle or Robert Ragle is present in the group. Possible identification of Willie Thomas (moustache) and Anna Thomas Winklepleck (glasses) in picture center (double white dot above).

Benjamin Harrison Ragle, Charles Addison Ragle and Fowler Amos Ragle Sr. from a group picture loaned by Mr. and Mrs. V. F. Miller. Picture dated July 1907.

Polly Ragle Thomas (seated; John Ragle's mother). Uncle Willie Thomas and Aunt Anna Thomas Winklepleck, half brother and sister of John Ragle. Polly Ragle was the wife of James Watt Ragle, who died young. James Watt Ragle was the son of John Ragle and Eliza Webster.

Austin E. "Doc" Ragle and wife Ida Irby. date ca. 1937

Patrick Marvin Ragle family group. back row L to R: Genie and Bob (Joanne's step-parents), Scott, Clyde, Lucille. front row L to R: Joanne's sister Sandy, Pat, Joanne, Jim (Sandy's husband). Youngster: Chris.

Euclid Clyde Ragle at wedding of Patrick Marvin and Joanne Ragle, March 3 1973.